Beyond Dinner Plates: Kind Lending & West Capital Lending Share a Meal, Share a Vision

Aliya Sumar, PR Specialist
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Glenn Stearns, CEO of Kind Lending, and Mindy Stearns, Chief Kindness Officer, hosted a delightful dinner party at their home. Their guests? The amazing team from West Capital Lending, a leading mortgage broker with whom Kind Lending shares a strong collaborative spirit.

This gathering wasn't just about enjoying good food and company, although there was certainly plenty of that! It was about fostering genuine connections and strengthening the bonds between the two organizations. Familiar faces like Delfino Aguilar, Kind Lending’s Chief Production Officer- TPO, Darcy Madrid, an Account Executive, and Mark Russell, Chief Technology Officer, were all present, along with other valued members of the team.

A Commitment to "People-First" Mortgages

West Capital Lending, led by the visionary-founders Eric Hines and Daniel Iskander, has established a formidable presence within the industry. Their success, however, is built on more than just numbers. Like Kind Lending, they are passionate about creating a "people-first experience" for homebuyers.

This dedication to building relationships and prioritizing the human aspect of the homebuying journey is a value we hold dear at Kind Lending. Glenn leverages his extensive industry experience to ensure our products and services cater to the unique needs of each borrower. Mindy Stearns champions a company culture that fosters empathy and understanding throughout the lending process. This commitment to strong teamwork, led by individuals who prioritize human connection, ensures a smooth and supportive experience for both our brokers and their clients.

Collaboration for a Smoother Mortgage Journey

At Kind Lending, we believe that by working together, we can create a better mortgage experience for everyone involved. This dinner provided a valuable opportunity to discuss collaboration initiatives that will benefit our brokers and, ultimately, their clients.

By fostering open communication and collaboration with respected lenders like West Capital Lending, we can leverage our combined expertise to offer brokers a wider range of solutions and a more streamlined mortgage process.

Are You Looking for a Partner Who Shares Your Values?

At Kind Lending, we understand the value of strong partnerships within the mortgage broker community. We share your commitment to collaboration, innovation, and putting the needs of your clients first.

Our team of Kind Ambassadors is here to connect with you and explore how Kind Lending can empower your business. We offer a variety of resources and programs designed to streamline your process and provide your clients with a "people-first" mortgage experience.

Together, let's build a “kinder” mortgage industry, one connection at a time.