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Get a Purchase LoanRefinance My Home


  • Get your CD before your CTC
  • Easy to transfer appraisals
  • PIWs accepted
  • 2-4 unit & site condos allowed
  • Delayed financing & asset depletion available


  • Lock 24/7 online in Kwikie
  • Forward lock ahead of application
  • Free escrow waivers
  • Fannie & Freddie priced independently
  • Manual downgrades – no price adjustments!

Loan Products


FHA 100% Down Payment Assistance Program Available at Kind Lending!

Mortgage Brokers can boost financing options for clients with Kind Lending's National FHA 100% Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program. Available in 47!*

*Kind Lending, LLC is an FHA Approved Lending Institution and is not acting on behalf of, or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the federal government. FHA charges a one-time upfront mortgage insurance premium which can be financed as part of the loan. Program not available in New York, Massachusetts, and Washington. Refer to Kind Lending Guidelines, or connect with your Kind AE for details

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  • Min. 600 FICO (Manual UW to 45% DTI with 660 FICO)
  • 100% FHA DPA-Purchase only
  • First Lien is FHA 30-year Fixed up to 96.5% loan-to-loan value
  • Standard and High Balance Loan Amounts
  • 2-1 Buydown option
  • Manufactured Home & Condo eligible



The tried and true, bread and butter of loan products.  If your customers have solid credit history, this may be the best choice. In addition to lower rate potential, this flexible solution offers a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) financing with a wide variety of term options.
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  • Options with just 3% down1
  • Fixed-rate loans with 10- to 30-year terms
  • Minimum 620 FICO scores
  • RefiNow™ and Refi Possible® available
  • HomeReady®, HomeOne™ and Home Possible® available
A New Kind of Non-QM has Been Unleashed!

Kind Non-QM is the quintessential avenue for opening additional income streams for your clients!

Read more about our Kind's Non-QM program and our robust product library.
Offers creditworthy customers the financing they need with the proven processes, commonsense underwriting, and Kind service you expect. Think of your retirees, self-employed, real estate investors, high-net worth borrowers, or those with high DTI or less than perfect credit… Now fuel their dreams with Spark Non-QM!
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  • 1 Year Self Employed
  • Atl Doc - 60 Month Asset Utilization
  • Alt Doc - 1099 Only
  • Alt Doc -Bank Statement
  • Alt Doc - P&LOnly
  • Alt Doc - Written VOE Only
  • DSCR -Foreign National
  • DSCR - Regular
  • DSCR -Short Term Rental
  • No DTI Asset Utlization
  • No Prepay DSCR
  • No Prepayment Penalty


When your borrowers need big bucks, Kind Lending delivers Jumbo loans the way you like them. Up to $3 million fast, with AUS-driven underwriting and fewer overlays!
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  • Loan amounts up to $3 million
  • Minimum 660 FICO score
  • Fixed 15- and 30-year terms
  • ARM options of 7yr/6mo & 10yr/6mo2,7
  • Jumbo AUS available
  • Options with no MI
  • Cash-out available
  • Delayed financing available
  • Jumbo Plus Arms - 7 year / 6 months & 10 year / 6 months7


Need a line?  We got you at Kind!
Our HELOC Standalone program provides options for your borrowers who wish to consolidate debt or make big purchases, such as renovations, to their home.

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  • Max Loan amount $350k
  • Min credit score 640
  • CLTV/HCLTV up to 85% and Symmetry for SIMOs up to 89%
  • Offering Piggyback HELOC and CESs
  • Non-US Citizen Guidelines available
  • I/O during draw period (30yr ARM-10yr draw, 20yr repay)
  • 1st or 2nd lien position (2nd lien up to 50% DTI)
  • Primary Residence or Second Home
  • 1-4 family, PUD, Condos
  • REFI - (rate/term and cash out)


With manual underwriting, less restrictions, and often better terms than non-QM offerings, Kind’s Non-Traditional/No FICO loans pave a better future for millions of customers. Do you have buyers without established credit or limited credit history? This might be the ticket!
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  • Manual underwriting (even on FNMA!)
  • No FICO Score, Non-Traditional Credit8
  • Purchase loans with high LTVs & CLTVs1
  • Little to no overlays


A Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan is insured by the federal government, which imposes less stringent approval guidelines. First-time buyers like FHA loans, as their family members can supply gift funds to help with closing costs.
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  • Options with just 3.5% down1
  • Minimum 580 FICO score
  • Great for first-time homebuyers
  • Broader qualification requirements
  • Streamline refinancing programs
  • High-balance loans available in some counties


Created for servicemembers returning home after WWII, VA loans are for military veterans, active servicemembers, surviving spouses and some reservists.  Up to $2 million in funding may be available.
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  • No down payment required with full entitlement3
  • Cash-out and streamlined rate-term refinancing
  • Larger loan amounts available for homes in high-cost areas
  • Minimum 580 FICO credit score


If your customer is buying or refinancing in a rural area (click here to check if a property is zoned rural), they may prefer this loan’s buyer-friendly guidelines. Created for borrowers who may not qualify for conventional loans, USDA loans follow household income restrictions.
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  • No down payment required1
  • Easier credit qualifying guidelines
  • Seller allowed to help with closing costs
  • Fixed-rate 30-year loan terms for easier budgeting

CalHFA (California Only)

KindTPO now offers California Mortgage Brokers Access to CalHFA Programs!

Owning a home is the American Dream, and it's also a big responsibility.  KindTPO provides access to CalHFA for our partners and their eligible homebuyers.
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KEY CalHFA Programs:

  • CalHFA Conventional
  • CaHFA Government (FHA and USDA)
  • CalHFA MyHome, CalPLUS and ZIP

  • See program guidelines in KWIKIE for important information as well as system information regarding choosing the correct program combination.


Kind TPO proudly offers your clients multiple buydown options so your buyer or seller can pay discount points to reduce the interest rate on a loan.  These options make it easier to manage payments in a high interest rate environment.
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KEY CalHFA Programs:

  • 3-2-1 Buydown Options
  • 2-1 Buydown Options
  • 1-0 Buydown Options
  • Available for FHA, FNMA, and VA loans
*Kind Lending, LLC is an FHA Approved Lending Institution and is not acting on behalf of, or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the federal government
1Mortgage insurance may be required on loans greater than 80% LTV and will increase your monthly payment.
VA loans do not need mortgage insurance but do require a one-time VA Funding Fee. Full entitlement is the dollar amount the VA will guarantee for a VA loan. This helps us determine how much a veteran can borrow without a down payment.
4USDA Loans require a one-time up-front guarantee fee, and an annual fee (collected monthly) which will increase the monthly payment.
5Non-QM Loans may have higher and / or additional fees when compared to other loan products.
610-year fixed interest only converts to 30-year fixed rate amortization loan.
7Interest rate does not change during the initial term, then converts to an adjustable rate which changes every 6 months.
8Non-traditional/no FICO loans may have higher interest rates and points.

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