How Pullups Can Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

By Glenn Stearns
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How Pullups Can Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

An open letter from Glenn Stearns, CEO of Kind Lending

So I was at the gym the other day and decided to hop on the treadmill. I got a few funny looks so I decided to jog on it instead.

Hilarious, I know, but I’m writing today to tell you that it’s time to get some exercise.

Right now you’re thinking one of two things. “Glenn I already exercise! I tell everyone at work about my crossfit routine. My instagram looks like a Chip’n’Dale centerfold!”

To that I’d say, ‘Great. Keep up the hard work.’ But PLEASE stop telling everyone about crossfit.

I promise it isn’t as interesting as you think.

However, there’s another prevailing thought I’ve noticed around the workplaces of America. One that runs counter to the crossfit-freaks of the workplace.

It’s the belief that working out takes too much time. Too much money. Too much energy. This is a belief held by the many folks who claim they’re too busy climbing the corporate ladder to use the stair climber.

But they’re missing out — not just on good health — but on a practice that could help them meet their goals faster and more effectively than ever.

Skeptical? Fair enough. But I’ve got the facts to back me up.

Just read on, underdogs…

Why Exercise Is Critical To Success

When was the last time your boss said, “Good work today everyone! I want each of you to go straight to the club, drink excessively, take chances, and stay up all night.”

Probably never. Unless you work at an early stage start-up. Yeah I said it.

The fact is, the healthier and better rested you are, the better you’re going to perform day in and day out. Exercise is going to make you a better worker, overall.

Here’s my five favorite, PROVEN benefits of regular exercise:

1) It helps you control your weight

Hey, no judgment here. I’ve been in the same situation as you. You ride a desk for a little while and eventually you realize you’ve put on an extra couple of pounds.

Regular exercise can help you not only get your bod back, but it’ll KEEP that weight off moving forward.

2) It improves your sleep

For HR reasons, asking your employees how they do in the bedroom doesn’t fly. However, if you’ve got a team supporting you — making sure that they’re well rested and bright eyed each morning can keep things running smoothly.

Remember: Sleepy workers are sloppy workers.

3) It Increases your chances of living longer

Hopefully you’ve got a kickass retirement package. If that’s the case, then you’d better make sure you’re still around to enjoy it.

In a 2020 study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, scientists found that just 11 minutes a day of moderate exercise seriously lengthened the lives of people who spend most of their day sitting.

4) It strengthens your bones and muscles

According to the National Institute of Health, exercise is crucial at all ages. When you’re young, it helps build bone density and prepares your muscles for the rest of your life. As you get older, regular exercise prevents and mitigates the onset of Osteoporosis.

It’s also been proven to improve muscle strength, coordination, and balance.

Just sayin’. Shrug emoji.

5) It improves your mental health and mood

See my article about the importance of [NOTE: INSERT LINK] Mental Health in the Office if you want some expanded reading, but the short and sweet version is: Poor mental health can bleed into your work life.

Luckily, exercise can help with that. According to the National Center for Biotechnical Information, aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, and swimming have been proven to decrease anxiety and depression. Researchers believe that this is due to increased blood flow to the brain, but the jury’s still out for now.

Bear in mind, however, the keyword there is “help.” See a professional if it’s serious, underdogs.

Getting Tight Buns On A Tight Schedule

Probably one of the least appealing parts of exercise, other than the tiny bike shorts, is the time commitment. You’re a busy person and I can appreciate that...

To a point.

Nothing is worth sacrificing your self-care for. I respect hard work, but if your current lifestyle doesn’t give you enough down-time to take a walk or hit the gym a few times a week, you need to seriously consider how it’s going to affect you in the long run.

Like I said earlier. What’s the point if you’re going to kick it early?

Ok, so hopefully I’ve convinced you to lace up your tennis shoes and dust off your gym shorts.

The big thing now is to figure out how you want to exercise and stick to it. Block out time on your calendar or convince a friend to join you. Whatever it takes to make sure that you’re doing it every week.

Just be sure to start easy and work your way up. The last thing you need is to pull a hammy before pulling a double shift.

Ok, that’s enough for today. Hit the showers, underdogs!

Signing off,