Kind Lending's Delfino Aguilar Featured on Get Real 411 Podcast!

Aliya Sumar, PR Specialist
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Delfino Aguilar on Get Real 411: Unveiling Success in Mortgages & Real Estate


Calling all mortgage pros, real estate enthusiasts, and curious investors! Kind Lending's CPO, Delfino Aguilar, shares his 22 years of expertise on the popular Get Real 411 Podcast.

In this insightful episode hosted by Brad Rice and Jamie Cavanaugh, Delfino dives deep into the world of mortgages and real estate. Whether you're navigating the financing process for your dream home, considering flipping strategies, or staying ahead of the curve on lending technology, Delfino offers valuable takeaways.

Beyond the Insights: Building a Winning Culture

Delfino doesn't just stop at industry jargon and trends. He sheds light on the power of company culture, revealing how fostering a positive work environment is a key driver of success. Learn how the right atmosphere can propel businesses and individuals to new heights.

Delfino Aguilar: A Leader in Wholesale Lending

Delfino's impressive career path speaks volumes. With only three companies on his resume, he showcases remarkable adaptability and long-term commitment to excellence in a dynamic industry. His 12+ year partnership with Kind Lending CEO Glenn Stearns exemplifies his dedication and leadership within the Wholesale Lending space.

Why You Should Listen: Knowledge for Everyone

Seasoned mortgage broker, aspiring real estate investor, or simply curious? This episode is designed for you. Gain valuable knowledge from Delfino's conversation and gain a deeper understanding of the mortgage and real estate landscape.          

Get Inspired & Empowered!!