The Buy Down Cheat Sheet: Unlocking Affordability for Your Clients

Aliya Sumar
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Brokers, empower your clients to achieve homeownership dreams with Kind Lending's buydown options!

What's a buydown? It's a strategy to lower your client's monthly mortgage payment in the early years of their loan. Here's the lowdown:

  • You pay upfront to reduce the effective interest rate for a set period.
  • The longer the buydown, the lower the initial payment, but the higher the upfront cost.

Kind Lending offers flexible buydown options:

  • 3-2-1: 3 lower than note year 1, 2 lower than note year 2, 1 lower than note year 3 – Note rate year 4
  • 2-1: Lower than note year 1, 1 lower than note year 2 – Note rate year 3
  • 1-0: 1 lower than note year 1 – Note rate year 2
Ready to unlock the power of buydowns? Contact your Kind Account Executive today!