Unlocking Home Equity Dreams: Closed-End Second Mortgages at Kind Lending

Aliya Sumar
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Many homeowners find themselves needing access to additional funds for various reasons, from home renovations to debt consolidation. However, the thought of refinancing their entire mortgage can feel daunting. Here at Kind Lending, we're excited to introduce a solution: Closed-End Second (CES) financing.

Why Choose a Kind Lending CES Mortgage?

As a broker, you can offer your clients several benefits with Kind Lending's CES program:

  • Fixed Rates: Provide your clients with the security of a fixed interest rate, allowing them to budget effectively     for the future.
  • Standalone or Piggyback Options: Cater to a wider range of clients with both standalone CES programs and piggyback options that can be combined with a new first mortgage.
  • Unlock Home Equity: Help your clients leverage their home's value to achieve their financial goals, whether it's consolidating debt, funding home improvements, or covering educational expenses.

Don't let your clients feel limited when they need access to additional funds. Contact your account executive today and explore the possibilities of Closed-End Second Mortgages!