Del Talk Season 4 is Launching June 2022

Hosted by Delfino Aguilar
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Del Talk’s season 4, has been secretly filming and this week we caught up with the star of the show, Delfino Aguilar, who has officially confirmed that the new season is in production with a June release of multiple episodes that includes an incredible line-up of guests.

“Brokers and partners, grab some popcorn and a calculator because this line-up is hot,” said Del. Be on the lookout for the recap of season 1 and 2 and the official season 3 premier hitting YouTube and all social media very soon.”

Stay tuned for the premier of Season 4, Episode1 next week.  Catch up on past episodes with guests like Barry Habib, Dave Stevens, Rob Chrisman, Glenn Stearns, and many more.