How Kind's Non-QM Loans Open Doors for Brokers

Aliya Sumar
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Say goodbye to frustrated clients who fall outside the rigid requirements of traditional loans. Kind Lending's Non-QM program offers a powerful solution to expand your reach and close more deals.

Who can a Non-QM Loan Help?

  • Self-employed home buyers
  • Contractors
  • Those with high monthly expenses
  • Retired Home Buyers  
  • Those who have experienced a major credit event. 

The Kind Non-QM Advantage for You:

  • Expand Your Client Base: Cater to a wider range of borrowers, generating new business opportunities.
  • Close More Deals: Equip yourself with solutions to help clients who might otherwise be turned down.
  • Become a Non-QM Expert: Partner with Kind Lending to gain in-depth knowledge of this growing loan market.

Unlock the Potential of Non-QM Loans Today!

Contact your Kind Account Executive to learn more about our Non-QM program and discover how you can empower a broader range of clients to achieve homeownership.