Non-QM Done Right: Empowering "Non-Traditional" Borrowers with Kind Lending

Aliya Sumar
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Mortgages shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all game!

At Kind Lending, we understand that many borrowers have unique financial situations. That's why we offer a robust Non-QM suite packed with features to help you serve these clients effectively.

Here's what sets Kind Lending apart:

  • Bank statements, P&Ls, and 1099s Only, Asset     Depleting, DSCR, and Foreign National DSCR.
  • No Waiting Period after Bankruptcy
  • Bank Statement Income Calculation Help Desk

From alternative income documentation to no waiting period after bankruptcy, we're redefining possibilities for the "not-so-typical" borrower. With higher debt limits and a dedicated Income Calculation Help Desk, we're here to help you close more deals.

Contact your Kind AE today to unlock the full potential of Kind's Non-QM suite!