December 4, 2023

Grow your Brand! with Guest James Wong - Krish Marketing Podcast | S1:E3

Shelby Hall, Retail Marketing Manager
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Mortgage and Real Estate pros, join host Krish Dhokia as he sits down with James Wong, the CEO and founder of MAXA Designs. He has had the privilege to create world brands that are polarizing and distinctively different brands with the United Nations, Fisker Automotive and in the past was Vice President of Product Marketing at Facebook, publicly traded companies, billion-dollar sales organizations, influencers, tech startups, and has worked with 1,000+ business leaders and creative entrepreneurs.


On today’s episode we have a unique opportunity to talk brand/branding with James as we explore what mortgage loan officers, mortgage brokers, and real estate professionals can continue to do or start doing to build a solid foundation for their brand in an ever-changing landscape.

Learn more about Maxa Designs, Inc at: ⁠⁠

Connect with James Wong on LinkedIn at: ⁠