July 19, 2022

Kind Lending Launches Reverse Lending

By Kind Staff
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Kind Lending, LLC increases homebuyer solutions with the launch of reverse mortgage offering to consumers.

SANTA ANA, CA (July 19, 2022) – Proudly offering Kinder solutions for homeowners, Kind Lending LLC has announced its incorporation of reverse mortgages to its suite of loan products.  Retirees who find themselves with retirement expenses exceeding their income may find this unique offering as a way to cover the shortfall. This isn’t a tall order for those with home equity accrued.

Home equity, often overlooked as an asset, increases options for seniors aged 62 and older.  Homeowners can borrow from that equity through Kind Lending’s offering of the FHA reverse mortgage, also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (“HECM”).  

The auspicious timing for the product release comes when home prices have soared throughout the nation, yet mortgage rates remain relatively low historically.  Tapping into the wealth accrued through homeownership allows seniors to fulfill numerous financial goals, from covering unforeseen medical costs to making necessary home repairs.  Additional instances for reverse mortgages include supplementing monthly cash flow, preservation of additional assets, debt payment, and allow the opportunity to age in place.

Reverse Mortgages, a Kinder Solution

Whereas a traditional forward loan requires the borrower to make monthly payments, a reverse mortgage maintains the homeowners as title holders.  The property serves as collateral for monthly payments made to the borrower.  Additional benefits can include the non-borrowing spouse to remain on the property after the death of the spouse or the possibility to stop foreclosure.

“Kind Lending is a company with heart, soul, passion, and kindness.  Commitment to helping both current and future homebuyers is our mission,” said Kind Lending Founder and CEO Glenn Stearns.  “Having options is Kind, and the incorporation of reverse mortgages allows those we serve to have increased access to the products and programs needed.

In response to the shifting product needs, Patrick Pennington, Western Division Sales VP, shared, “It is important to recognize that as the mortgage market continues to shift, Kind Lending is prepared to invest in expanding offerings so our customers can take advantage of opportunities and options.  Reverse lending provides the right solution for homebuyers considering ways to access home equity and additional retirement solutions.”  

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