November 27, 2023

Kind Lending P&L Only for Purchase and Cash-Out Refinances.

Danny Flucke, National Non-QM
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Kind Lending delivers solutions for Income, Credit, and Property Issues.

Welcome to the Non-QM corner with Danny Flucke, National Non-QM Sales Manager at Kind Lending, LLC. Today we are going to share a real-life example of how Kind Lending recently provided financing options to a self-employed borrower.   It is important to remember that self-employed individuals find themselves in a challenging environment when obtaining financing to purchase a home. Traditional lenders often rely on W-2 income statements make it difficult for those who work for themselves to prove their ability to repay a loan. However, Kind Lending has multiple options with our Non-QM programs.

*Scenarios and case studies are unique to each individual's need for a mortgage loan. Non-QM program restrictions and eligibility apply.


A Self-Employed Home Buyer, often referred to as "SEHB," doesn’t have or cannot use their bank statements to qualify for mortgage approval.

Solutions Delivered:

Did you know that Kind Lending, LLC accepts P&L (Profit and Loss) Statements as income for eligibility? We have three options to choose from:

  • 12 months of your most recent Bank Statements
  • Your previous year P&L* with YTD P&L
  • Your previous 2 years P&L* with YTD P&L*

*P&L = Profit and Loss Statement, YTD = Year-to-date

Enjoy the below case studies. If you have questions, please contact Danny Flucke today for a no obligation conversation about our Non-QM products and programs.

If you are a home buyer in escrow left alone by your lender or broker – Or if you are a real estate agent, title company or escrow agent at risk of losing yet another commission fee due to lack of loan options, then it's time to give your Escrow a Rescue and confidently discuss your options.

Contact Danny Flucke, National Non-QM Sales Manager today!