June 24, 2022

Permanent Residence

By Kind Staff
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Moving year after year is costing you. It’s costing you money with increasing fees for trucks, time swapping your contact information, and relationships with the friends who are lugging your fridge down another flight of stairs.  Skip the stresses of moving and find yourself at home with a permanent residence with the help of your local Kind Ambassador, ready to help you make memories in your new home.

Permanent Residence “Make memories and move less often”

No matter how much your buddies like pizza and beer, they don’t want to help you move again.  Moving from house to house, or apartment to apartment, is quite strenuous on the body and the mind. It’s also extremely inconvenient and expensive to haul all your belongings from one place to the next. But, once you buy a home, it may be the last move you ever do! Even if it’s not your forever home, you’ll be relieved of the stress of contemplating where to live once your lease is up.  A permanent residence allows you to move less often and make new memories in your own home.

As we continue to celebrate National Homeownership Month this June, we’re celebrating the benefits of owning your own home.  We know that home ownership increases the likelihood of financial stability, but it comes with additional benefits including reducing moving stress and creating a central hub for memory making.

It’s Time for High Moving Costs to Move On

Your new digs may dig up quite a bill.  On average, nationwide moving costs were hitting $1,400 according to Forbes, before the pandemic which drove prices and wait times up even higher.  Even if you do elicit the help of your friends and family with the promise of free pies and IPAs, you may be subject to set-up or transfer fees for utilities and other providers.  Don’t discount the inconvenience of change-of-address notifications and updating your contact information.

While it’s possible to calculate the physical cost of moving, the emotional costs are as challenging to compute as the solution to your high school trigonometry homework.  The uncertainty of where you’ll live next brings unnecessary strife.  Instead of scrolling rental sites or touring countless properties year after year, consider instead the emotional and financial benefits of the stability of a permanent or long-term residence.  

Make Yourself at Home and Make New Memories

While the benefits of homeownership vary from investing in your future wealth to making sure your pup has got the room he needs to roam, one of our favorite reasons to seek a more permanent set-up is the opportunity to make new memories in your own space.  Consider your home as the setting for your epic next chapter, filled with intrigue, excitement, and maybe even a little romance (our lawyers would like us to mention that romance is not a guarantee for all homeowners).  

You can tap into your inner Joanna Gaines to design the space of your dreams.  Ditch the change of address forms for changing out the lighting fixtures.  Swap the annual lease woes for annual block parties. Trade in the unknowns about your future for a Kinder option: your own permanent home address.

At Kind Lending, we’re here to help you make your next move the last one.  Save yourself the stresses of renting through uncertain times with moving fees and inconveniences piling up.  Instead work with your local Kind Ambassador to find your dream home.  Your buddies are ready to come over for pizza and beer, without having to move your fridge.