June 29, 2022

Sense of Community “Where everybody knows your name”

By Kind Staff
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Are you more of a Norm or a Cliff?  Either way, we’re tuning into our favorite episodes of Cheers during National Homeownership Month and celebrating a place where everybody knows your name – your community.  Buying a home allows you to make long-lasting relationships with neighbors and other people in your community. Homeownership removes the possibility of a premature move which would otherwise prevent the formation of those close relationships with friends, teachers, and local businesses. Settling down can provide you with a newfound support, bringing more comfort into your life.

Friendships are brewing straight from the tap.  When you settle down in a community, it’s easier to make permanent friendships with other locals.  Picture the possible block parties, impromptu conversations around the mailbox, and holiday potlucks.  These gatherings strengthen the social capital of home ownership.  You’ll likely find deeper relationships with neighbors and friends when you can share regular time together.

You don’t need Fraiser to diagnose you if you feel less connected when you don’t feel settled.  The tumultuous nature of month-to-month renting or even slightly longer leases can inhibit a meaningful connection to neighbors.  Ditch the uncertainty and get yourself a prescription for community comradery.  

In addition to blossoming friendships, home ownership supports the local economy.  Whether you’re a regular at the local pub or grab your groceries from the farmer’s market, know that you’re putting money into local businesses. Plus, the purchase of a home is a significant component to local and national economies.  

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But the community involvement doesn’t end there.  The intangible benefits for the area come from an emotional investment in local affairs ranging from politics to property upkeep.  While these aren’t exclusive to homeowners, studies do show increased civic participation, improved health, and lessened crime rates according to the National Association of Realtors.

Say “Cheers!” to the social and economic benefits of homeownership when you’re part of a community filled with people who know your name.  Tap in today by contacting your local Kind Ambassador, ready to assist you with your home loan.